FREE Kids Books With and Without Kindle Unlimited

First off, did you know that you do not have to have a Kindle to read e-books?  I didn't know that until I got into the author business.  There are SO many books that are available that you can read on your computer/iPhone/tablet.  Below are some of my favorites!  Also if you are looking for more kid's books with Kindle Unlimited (KU) or just free kid's books, make sure you go to the Connect with Me tab and follow me on whichever Social Media platform you enjoy.  I post A LOT of free books from other authors!  You can also join my newsletter, and I will send out a monthly newsletter with the most recent kid's books I've read that I loved.

*Note - Below the books are some step-by-step guides on how to download books if you don't have a Kindle.  Also, I will try to keep this updated, but if you see a book is no longer in KU, please send me an email at amy.doslich@gmail.comIf you do not have Kindle Unlimited, skip to the bottom to see how you too can get free books!

*One other note - these are US links, if you are not in the US, please change the Amazon extension and the links should work :)

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Kid's Series I Love on Kindle Unlimited

First off, did you know all of the Hannah Banana and Mary Berry Books are on KU?!  I'm a little biased, but I love them, and you should read them :D

2 of the books in this series are on KU!  These are amazing books that have a fun rhyming story and beautiful illustrations.  Any dog lover will LOVE these books!

All of these books are in KU.  They are super cute books about a girl named Amy and her best friend Felix the pig.

These are amazing books about promoting diversity and overcoming disabilities, and the stories have adorable characters!

Do you want to teach your little one Spanish?  Grab these books!  There are some simple words, animals, Halloween, and Christmas.  I'm sure more books will be added soon.

Here are some interactive books that you can ask your kids questions throughout.  My daughter loved the drawings of the dog in these books!

Here are some amazing books about saving the planet!  It's such an important topic that we should be discussing with our kids, and in these books, it's done in a fun/cute way.

Look at these cute little dumplings!  She is adding new books all the time.  They are great stories with super fun characters!

Can you tell we like dog books?  2 of the books in this series are free with KU.  Cranpup is an adorable dog that has a big imagination!

Kid's Standalone Books I Love on Kindle Unlimited

My daughter really laughed at this book!  It's such a fun book, and the naming of all the characters and places is spot on!

A very sweet story between siblings.  This is a book for the baby in the family and describes them growing up with their older siblings.

A super fun book about a skunk who can't smell!  My daughter thought all the stinky parts were really funny!

Count down from 10 to 1 with these fun, silly frogs!

This is a wonderful educational adventure about the water cycle!  It has the best characters - Splish and Splash!

An adorable story for young girls.  My Wildflower is a wonderful rhyming story that includes a beautiful message!

Here is a wonderful book to teach your young kids about autism!  It explains it in an easy-to-understand way.

Is your little one a little shy?  Maybe they have a performance coming up and need a little pep talk.  This book would be perfect for them!

My daughter loved trying to find the growth cycle of the butterfly in this book!  Plus who doesn't love a Jungle book?

A new dog is part of the family!  You'll have to read this cute story to see what happens!

Instructions for Downloading Books and How to Get Free Books Without Kindle Unlimited!

If you are on a computer:

If you are on a phone:


There are also opportunities to get FREE books (you don't have to be subscribed to Kindle Unlimited).  Here is a super cool list that has the top 100 FREE children's books that is updated every day!  You will have unlimited free books :D  You are welcome!  Again you can read these free books on your phone, tablet, and/or computer.

Another great way to get FREE books is to look for giveaways on Instagram.  Here you will actually get paperbacks and hardcover books.  I have found not many people enter these giveaways for children's books, and you have a pretty good chance of winning!  To find them, follow children's book authors and/or you can try to search for the giveaways.  You can also go to the Connect with Me tab and put in the comments that you would like me to tag you in giveaways.  I will tag you in my giveaways as well as any other children's book giveaways I find!  For my giveaways, you can also win a free cartoon portrait!  See the past winners below:

Since I just shared these amazing tips, please make sure you go to the Connect with Me tab and follow me on whichever social media platform(s) you use!  I also share free books that might not be in the top 100 that you might find super interesting, and it will give you more free books while also helping other indie authors like me.